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What is the History of Christmas Cookies?

Pulished on Oct. 23, 2020

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Christmas cookies are a traditional Christmas favorite in the UK. They were first produced by a confectioner named om Smith in London between 1854 and 1850. In 1840, he had seen French sweets (almonds wrapped in beautiful paper) when he visited Paris. He returned to London and tried to sell similar candies in the UK, which also included a little saying or a riddle. But they are not selling well.

The legend said that when he was sitting in front of the fireplace one night, he was very interested in the sparks and cracks produced by the campfire. Suddenly, he thought of an interesting idea, if his candies and toys could split when the exquisite wrapping paper was pulled in half.

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In 1861, Tom Smith launched his new series, the so-called "Gate of Expectation"! It is believed that he bought the recipe for cracks and bangs in the biscuits from a fireworks company called Brock's Fireworks.

Biscuits are also nicknamed "Daggers" and are believed to be named after "Cossacks" soldiers who are known for riding horses and shooting into the air.

When Tom died, his expanding biscuit business was taken over by his three sons Tom, Walter and Henry. Walter introduced hats into cookies. He also traveled the world looking for new gift ideas and put them in cookies.

The company has established a variety of "themed" cookies. There are gifts for bachelors and college students (single men and women). The gifts are dentures and wedding rings! There are also cookies for Safragut (women who voted for women), war heroes and even Pastor Charlie! Cookies are also made for special occasions, such as coronations. The British royal family still makes special cookies for them today!

Very expensive biscuits were made, such as "Millionaire’s biscuits", which contained a solid silver box containing a piece of gold and silver.

Biscuit manufacturers have also made large display stands for large stores in London, such as horse-drawn carts and sledges.

The Christmas cookies used today are short cardboard tubes wrapped in colored paper. There is usually a cookie beside each plate on the Christmas table. When the cookie is pulled-bang! -Colorful party hats, toys or gifts and holiday jokes are gone! The banquet hat looks like a crown and is considered a crown that a wise man may have worn.

The longest Christmas biscuit in the world, with a length of 63.1m (207 feet) and a diameter of 4m (13 feet), was made on December 20, 2001 by the parents of children from Ley Hill School in the UK and the preschool in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, UK.

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