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Taian Fengying Trade Co., Ltd.

Pulished on Sep. 09, 2019

I am Wendy Deng, I was born at the hometown of holiday handicrafts in China. My parents owned a small manual workshop for the Christmas decorations which mainly exported to Occident when I was a child. At that time, I was attracted by the fantastic Christmas balls, stars and vivid reindeer with snow on its back...

When I grew up, The festivals such as Christmas, spring festivals, Valentines and so on are breaking through the limits of different culture and countries. The festivals became the respect and love for reunification. belief and even life itself!

With the passion of bringing the best handmade decorations and more highlights for the world, we step up FYDECOR in 2015. And got the right of export in the same year.

Now, we have grown as a self production and marketing holiday and home decorations factory. Design department, handmade department, quality inspection department, raw material machine production department, sales department and after-sale service department are all completed and ready to be improved from more hard works and unknown challenges.

Still we are young, the average age of our team is 28, so we have to keep learning from predecessors, customers and even our times and life!

Definitely we can know each other in any future time if you are indeed of person who love life and good things.

Thanks for your concern and love!