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Do you know the matching techniques of Christmas Decorations?

Pulished on Dec. 14, 2019

Christmas Decorations include Christmas trees decorated with Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. Indoors are decorated with garlands and evergreen plants. Special holly and mistletoe are traditional materials. In North and South America and a few European regions, Regular Size Christmas Balls are traditionally used outdoors, including sleighs, snowmen and other Christmas figures decorated with lights. Holly and mistletoe are traditionally used materials. In North and South America and a small number of European regions, lights are traditionally decorated outdoors, including sleighs, snowmen and other Christmas figures decorated with lights.

Do you know the matching techniques of Christmas Decorations?cid=3

Handmade Indoor Christmas Decor

Christmas color match

Westerners use three colors of red, green and white as Christmas colors. When Christmas comes, every family must use Christmas colors to decorate them. The red ones are Christmas flowers and Christmas candles. The green is the Christmas tree. It is the main Christmas decoration and is decorated with felled evergreen trees such as cedar and cypress. There are colorful lanterns, gifts and paper flowers hanging, and Christmas candles are lit. The contrast between red and white is Santa Claus, who is the most popular character at Christmas events. On Handmade Indoor Christmas Decor, in addition to these three Christmas colors, gold, silver, white, and yellow have also gradually developed into common colors for Christmas decorations. There are four points of attention in these colors.

1. Red and green symbolize celebration.

The warm red can bring us enthusiasm and hope. The traditional big red and green Christmas decoration is the main color of Christmas in the United States, and it is also the most frequently used decoration color by ordinary families. It can highlight the festive atmosphere. Santa Claus in red, red ribbons, bells, and green Christmas trees, red dinner plates with green napkins, and red and green garlands are all good accessories to create a warm Christmas atmosphere.

2. Golden, symbolizing fashion.

Golden Christmas style has only emerged in recent years. Due to its strong sense of fashion, gold is also becoming the main color of Christmas decoration. The understated and luxurious flavor is reflected in the glittering colors and the rose pattern. The ornaments and pendants for decorating the Christmas tree are mainly gold-plated, and the glittering gold light adds a bright new color to the home.

3. White and silver symbolize purity.

White and its extension color--Silver is the main color of European Christmas, it symbolizes the pure and holy Virgin Mary, and is the theme color of Christmas. Pure white color is like white snow, fluttering in the air, piece by piece falling on trees and streets. For those who like silver or white Christmas style, try to put a silver Christmas tree in the living room and use as many silver ribbons and silver bells as possible on the tree. To make the Christmas tree's silver theme stand out, a light bulb is also a good choice. In addition, Christmas trees made of light-emitting fiber materials have also become very popular in recent years.