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Do you know the Traditions and Customs of Christmas Eve?

Pulished on Oct. 15, 2020

Christmas Eve has many customs and traditions of its own. The most widely used method that still exists today is the midnight mass church service. In many countries, especially Catholic countries such as Spain, Mexico, Poland and Italy, this is the most important church service during Christmas. People may fast on Christmas Eve, and then usually eat the main Christmas meal after the midnight mass service in these countries. In some other countries, dinner is eaten in the evening, and you may need midnight service afterwards!

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The midnight mass communion service is a very special service, because it is the only service allowed to start after sunset (before sunrise the next day), so it is held at midnight!

Christmas Eve is also a day when some countries exchange gifts. I think Santa must include these countries in his early list! Christmas Eve is also Santa’s busiest day of the year. He must travel 220 million miles to reach every house on the planet!

In many European countries, including Germany, Serbia, and Slovakia, Christmas Eve is the day when Christmas trees are brought into the house and decorated.

It is also traditional to bring Yule logs into the house and light it on Christmas Eve. Use the logs from the previous years to light it, and then burn it until the twelfth night (night of January 5th / January 6th). Tradition also says that any greenery such as holly, ivy and mistletoe can only be brought into the house on Christmas Eve.

At the same time, Charles Dickens created the wonderful A Christmas Carol, and singing carols was still very popular. In the past, if you did not sing carols, in parts of the UK, you might go out to play mummy or mummy.

There is a lot of superstition in the UK that girls can find out the initials of the people they got married on Christmas Eve, and even have visions! This is usually done by cooking a special cake called "dumb cake". You should make the cake silently and put your initials on the top. When you go to bed, you put the cake by the stove, sincere love should come at midnight, and put his initials next to you!

Other Christmas Evening superstitions include that farms and wild animals will kneel at midnight to commemorate the birth of Jesus, or they can even talk!

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