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Do you know the Tradition of Christmas Bells?

Pulished on Aug. 20, 2020

As an Ornament Jingle Bells for Christmas Supplier, share with you. Bells, especially church bells, have traditionally been associated with Christmas. In the Church of England and Catholic Church, the church's working day begins at sunset, so all subsequent services are the first of the day. Therefore, traditionally, the service on Christmas Eve after sunset is the first service of Christmas! In churches with one or more bells, they often ring to indicate the beginning of the service.

Christmas Ornament Jingle Bells

Christmas Ornament Jingle Bells

In some churches in Britain, traditionally the largest church bells ring four hours before midnight, and then at midnight, all bells ring for celebration.

In the Catholic Church, Christmas and Easter are the only time allowed to hold mass at midnight. Traditionally, in two midnight mass, church and altar bells ring in many cases, while the priest says "Gloria"(outstanding Gloria).

Midnight Mass at Christmas dates back to the early church, when people believed that Jesus was born at midnight, although there was never any evidence to prove it! Although not every church has a mass or communion as part of its service, many churches offer midnight service on Christmas Eve.

In many Catholic countries, such as France, Spain and Italy, midnight mass service is very important, and everyone tries to serve.

In the Victorian era, it was very fashionable to sing carols with small hand bells. Sometimes only bells, no singing! Nowadays, the bell is still very popular.

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