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How can Christmas Make Home More Beautiful?

Pulished on Mar. 20, 2020

As an Ornament Jingle Bells for Christmas Supplier, share with you. Christmas is here, and the atmosphere is getting richer. Christmas decorations are everywhere. Have you dressed up your home? But, as Orientals, do we really know how to decorate Christmas decorations? In fact, you can decorate it in the following ways.

Festive Heart Hanging Ornaments

Festive Heart Hanging Ornaments

Step 1: Determine the main color

First of all, we must understand the use of color to express the atmosphere of the environment.

Red, green and white is Christmas colors. The red ones have Christmas flowers and Christmas candles. The green ones are Christmas trees. You can first check the original furniture color and background background color, then choose a color tone as the main color of the layout, and then use the same color system or add the matching gold and silver colors to bring home. Eye-catching Christmas decoration effect.

Step 2: Dress up the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the central theme of Christmas. We can choose a Christmas tree of the right size in the living room and the gifts under the Christmas tree. Dressing up a Christmas tree should start from the top, like a star, or put on a Festive Heart Hanging Ornaments, Santa Claus. Hang small accessories from top to bottom, such as colored balls, small branches with colored balls, flowers, bows, little stars, etc .; under the tree, but large items such as gifts and dolls.

Step 3: Set up a romantic table

Christmas dinner is an indispensable highlight at Christmas.

The most important thing for table layout is to use tablecloths and cutlery as the focus to create a Christmas atmosphere in the restaurant with color matching.

Whether it is bright red and green, or quiet and elegant gold and silver, both are suitable, depending on personal preference.

In addition, shiny items are best suited to appear on Christmas tables, like crystal glasses,

High-quality silver tableware or warm orange and yellow candlelights can easily create a Christmas atmosphere.

Step 4: Gifts in the children's room

The child's happiness is always endless. After a day full of expectations, it is finally the most exciting time. I unknowingly went to sleep, but I didn't forget to tie my socks to the bed before going to bed.

Step 5: sweet time in the bedroom

Christmas Eve is a romance for two people. For those who make good use of candles, they only need to spend a little money to make their home look good. Buy a few small golden candlesticks and see how they will beat the flames on Christmas Eve night; spread a heart-shaped red carpet in front of the bed, listen to each other in the small candlelight, and enjoy the romance of Christmas Eve. If you are a petty bourgeoisie, you may wish to hang a large Christmas stocking on your bed.

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