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Christmas essential elements inventory

Pulished on Jan. 17, 2020

Christmas is always beautiful. When the weather is getting colder every year, there is always a holiday that we look forward to. The days of Santa Claus, Christmas stocking and Christmas tree are full of Christmas colors. Are you ready for Christmas?

Santa Claus

He is the most popular character in Christmas activities. Before Christmas, children in the West put a sock in front of the fireplace or pillows, waiting for Santa to put gifts in the sock after they fell asleep. In the West, it is also a custom to play Santa.

Christmas colors for Christmas essential elements

The red, green and white colors are Christmas colors. Every Christmas, every house should be decorated with Christmas colors. The red ones are Christmas flowers and Christmas candles, and the green ones are Christmas trees, which are the main Christmas decorations.

Handmade Holiday Decoration Tabletop Tree

Christmas tree is one of the most famous traditions at Christmas. An evergreen plant is usually put into the house or outdoors around Christmas, decorated with Christmas lights and colored decorations, and an angel or star is placed on top of the tree.

Christmas socks were originally a pair of large red socks, of any size. Because Christmas socks are used to hold gifts, they hang their socks by the bed at night and wait for the gifts the next morning.

Glitter Door Wreath Handicraft

Glitter Door Wreath Handicraft

The spacious living room is the best place for family and friends to share the joy of Christmas. The owner can choose a suitable Christmas tree in the living room. Small Christmas trees can be placed on the low cabinet in the porch and the TV cabinet in the living room. Larger Christmas trees can be placed in the corner of the living room, on the side of the sofa, in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, and tied at will Put stars, balls, bows and other accessories, and pile some gifts under the tree as embellishments. In addition to traditional Christmas ornaments, ornaments can be placed in a coffee table or a corner of the living room. The material can be selected from silverware, porcelain and some transparent crystal glass products, which can also adjust the atmosphere. You can also hang some Glitter Door Wreath Handicraft on the window to adjust the atmosphere.

In order to match the strong festive atmosphere, shiny tableware is most suitable for appearing on the Christmas table, like crystal wine glasses, high-quality silver, purple and other beautiful dishes, soft yellow lights can be easily created a Christmas atmosphere. If the dinner is arranged at night, put some candle holders on the plate, which can add more brilliant colors. Among them, the floating candle is the most inconvenient. The crystal-like transparent cup, a few colored stones, and a small candle floating on it are also very cute.

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